March 10, 2013
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At the meet we all were running, our opponents we were shunning
As we raced towards the finish line.
Wobbly and a bit unstable, I fear I won't be able
To claim this race as mine.
My thighs are burning, for air my lungs are yearning.
"Never again" I whine.

The girl beside me slowly creeps up, oh, how I need to speed up
Or, for this win, I will surely pine.
Pumping my arms harder, I am filled with the ardor
To be the first one to cross the line.
Perhaps they'll erect a shrine, I fantasize, dedicated to this win of mine.
"Maybe again" after some thought I determine.

My arms are pumping, my heart is thumping.
Into the other girls I can feel myself bumping
As I feel myself slipping, drifting across my line.
My knees start to give out. In this event I find no bliss.
I don't think I can do this, first place I know I'll miss.
Once again I'll come in place nine.

The finish line comes into view, counting the meters, it's just a few.
Once I finish this race, I know I'll be fine.
My lungs can rest after being put to the test
Of getting me through this event of mine.
In place nine, I finally cross the finish line.
"Never again" I lay down and whine.

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