For this I Write to You

March 9, 2013
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For this I write to you
I write so that the stars in the heavens will know my feelings.
I write to the empty hole that is inside.
I write to explain the thoughts of any open eyed girl.
I write to tell the world what they've done.
I write for that little boy who eats alone.
I write for that old man who sits on the long winter train.
I express gratitude to the ones I lost.
I write for examples of what could happen.
I write so one day the world will see what I saw.
I write for questions,
I write to answer.
I write one day to close my book,
I write so one day someone might open it back up.
I write to end the road,
I write in hope to start a new one.
I write for the of a life,
I write till someone holds me tight.
I write to end a conspiracy,
I write to start a reality.
I write for me,
I write for you.
I write so one day the world will know,
For this I write to you.

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