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March 9, 2013
so when I jumped at that yellow haired scum short

he said something like he thinks I’m good looking but
that boy doesn’t know me enough

and what is there to know there’s only a little bit of yellow
and blackness and a little bit of

rhyming triplets ; all he needs to know is I have these

big lips that are chapped some times but when they are
soft they almost know what to do ; like blurred summer midnight

when that kid with nose straight like india said if
I’d kiss him I said yes with a passion and a giggle when I said

Yes do you think he thinks that poems are bland or what if
he knew he was inspiration and I think of him as count of Coeur

land land far far away away in in our our dreamy trances

yellow haired scum short you can’t see that green blob right
in front of you green is organic don’t you know that green is?

Ask him for me so

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