The Reason I Smile

March 9, 2013
By staystrong498 GOLD, Winston Salem, North Carolina
staystrong498 GOLD, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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The reason I smile.....
Is because you smile at me.

Your words and actions cause me to lift the corners of my mouth.
The way your face changes when you know I'm there.
Maybe it's when we look and only find each other like there's no one else.

When you bring up the past and your smile somehow becomes bigger.
It could be the way you watch me when I talk to you.
The way you around me.
The changes I found in myself because of you.

I smile because you blush when you mess up your words or you notice that I didn't understand what you just said.
When your face goes red and you talk really fast.

The way you blush when someone tells me you love me.
When I call your name and you answer right away.
The way I pretend you're not there but you want all of my attention.

How I know it's only you when I'm bothered with.
Maybe it's how you eyes sparkle every time you look at me.

I smile because I love you!

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