Come Back

March 3, 2013
By Morg95 PLATINUM, Salem, West Virginia
Morg95 PLATINUM, Salem, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
- Gandhi

I know for a fact I mean something to you

The looks and actions show it

My fears that i hold within me can not help to come out when I tihnk of you

Once a while ago I might add, I stopped

Thats right the worry was abandoned

Confusion, mistakes, regrets but it was all for the best was created

Then the snap of a few healthy untouched bones went without caution

All I have asked from you is dont be the past

Its been a while since the day we met

We’ve made history together

I want to know the answer to all these whys

Why do you feel this way

Why I am I so lucky

Why does time with you go so quickly

The more seconds go by, the more I dont want to know

This moment right here when you tell me about the magical things between you and me I am keeping

You are my something different

You are what I’ve been wanting all this time

I do not go a day without being thankful for what we have

The thing about life is, we are going to loose this

No one knows when nor will we know how

Promising you that it is going to happen is all I can do

Our lives are going to run away from us someday

Finding someone better is the choice you will make

Only to officially loose our something great

Or perhaps we will fulfill our lives together

Nothing more of loving one another without a time limit

Then a day will come we not be old and gray but it will happen

Something tragic will happen

Shock will over come the surviver

I wont be the one telling you I told u so

Just the one lost without your presence

If its a car accident I will always want to stop the collisions

Life wont be the same

The memories will live forever

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