Moving On..

March 3, 2013
How am I supposed to feel?

You have broken me at my heels.

Not only that, pleasant thoughts are shredded

Most of it gone forever.

I shake my head in knowing that this is all so wrong.

Maybe mending of a few things will happen soon.

No worries, I will not hold my breath.

I find it hard being here wanting to say goodbye.

When really you missed everything that has just seemed to pass you bye.

These feelings cannot make me lose what I have become.

I will simply let them burn in the setting sun.

Their ashes will spread underneath the pretty oak tree.

Perhaps that is the key.

I have to say goodbye with tears lit with fear in my eyes.

I know I am not your shining star.

With that said I have to make it far.

Someday your heart will not be so cold.

You will be happy with who I am.

For now, you are to me what I am to you.

Simply broken and useless to a life that needs living.

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