March 3, 2013
By Morg95 PLATINUM, Salem, West Virginia
Morg95 PLATINUM, Salem, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
- Gandhi

Today I see only pretty things.

With a clash and a clamor everything went together.

If you were a witness you would not have seen it.

It is only I who understands this phenomenon.

At a baseball game people would have cheered.

At a funeral people would have cried.

At this moment I did neither.

A part of me became smaller at the sign of justice.

Today people were angry and the truth came out.

It cannot be simply stated.

It can only be understood with these feelings.

Life has been insane.

Finally I am the one to gain.

With a smile from the heart plastered on my face I can only let myself see the pretty parts.

Finally! I can breathe and freedom is here.

If you must know, I am not the one who has made many mistakes.

I am the silent one, the observer.

Now I have the right for my head to be held high.

I may now see things in a different way.

Ways that will make you want to smell flowers and believe in all your dreams.

Perhaps this privilege will last for more than a day.

I never want this to go away.

Today I only see the pretty things with my head held high.

Now I will not say any those goodbyes…

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