It Has Been A While

March 3, 2013
An art left lonely, vacant, and deprived.
Gone with tears in hiding.
With a sudden notice on the door you see that you have forgotten this world.
This special side of you has kept quiet while waiting on you.
Time took…
The flour out of the cake
The brush from the paint
The words away from the book
All in such a heart breaking, unknown of a flash.
Days go by and every thing seems fine.
Weeks walk away with you never thinking twice.
Months fly by and the feeling of time really hits hard.
Before you know it, part of you is gone.
Sadness overcomes you.
Regret lies within memories.
If anymore time is added to this equation explosives will fire.
When the volcano appears I will hide with a notebook recording every thought it has.
Maybe I that’s what I need…

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