Cut Loose

March 3, 2013
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I met you once, but then you disappeared
We met our flights, then went our separate ways
One year, I lost you—just as I had feared
Yet I was yours, at least for a few days

You loved me once, I knew it somehow then
You spoke as if I gave something to you
I was a rock, a rare uncovered gem
You saw in me the light of something new

Then you flew east and found I was not rare
You found the artists, open-minded girls
You saw that gems were very common there
I was mixed up among your string of pearls

I guess you thought I’d be okay without
You knew not the place you took in my heart
So you veered off and took a different route
While I had no intention to depart

And now I dream about you every night
I wish to tell you, but I put it off
Don’t speak, don’t write, always a bitter fight
To conceal love as if it were a cough

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