The Phoenix

March 2, 2013
By Gabri PLATINUM, Marysville, Washington
Gabri PLATINUM, Marysville, Washington
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She was born in the clouds, a place no one knows much of
But that wasn’t much fun for her, eternally trapped above.
She knew most everything she could by her tenth time around
By her hundredth, she was simply dreaming of the ground.

One by one, her sisters left her – looking for something new
And the liquid that moistened her eyes couldn’t be explained away as dew.
Thus, finally, she took the hint, and alighted down from her hidden castle
Though she left behind all she held dear, she was innocent in all hassle.

For the men – the humans – were different from she in, oh, so many ways
Until, finally, she didn’t know – in numbers were her days.
For none of her siblings had made it thus far as she
As mingling with mortals, no, that was not to be.

She flew down, or at least this she did attempt
Before she suffered an injury to her wing, ruffled and quite unkempt
This had not yet happened, as her kind were forever unharmed in the air
They always kept to themselves – and for the others, had not a care.

Yes, one could call them arrogant, for that was what they are
In fact, that’s a compliment – they’re narcissists, by far.
With burning flames above their head, a fitting deadly crown
They had fiery feathers sprouting, covering all from their neck and body down.

The temper of a harpy and the attitude of a dragon make them as sweet as can be
They’ll peck, bite, and scratch and fight – with not a sign of this being reluctantly
And then, again, you look around – and you see the very same one… asking for assistance?
That is purely hypocritical, especially in this instance.

And so you see, down she flew – or rather, down she fell
Anyone could hear her cries for help, the tinkling of a bell
Though only one strode to action, to help the sad bird up
But all he did was secure her place, kill her with crummy luck.

At first touch, she changed into a wholly different being
Of one she’d before dreamed, and still knew not anything
And this was how it came to be that this little phoenix became a girl.

No longer immortal, she would later choose to take this new form for a whirl,
But not before one lost tear singled out her fate,
The one that did the very thing only heard of once to this date.

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