Tears and Fears

February 7, 2013
Put away the tears to cry away later
but when i pull them up in the shower
they've gone too deep
to roll down my cheek
and although I can try
I won't cry.
So forgive me if i scream and yell
I'm just too deep inside to tell
And pardon me if i refuse to speak
But I can't let these tears leak.
It's not the reason I went astray
It's not why I chose to stay.
But as the earth freezes over
my heart takes cover.
Too much pain,
so little gain.
So much anger,
Where's all the laughter?
It's gone, gone, gone away
and honestly baby
I'd do anything to get it back.
But there's nothing to do, I think I'm stuck,
So help me out of this cavity
Give me something to laugh at please
And I can't go away,
So many need me to stay.
It's only for them,
that I refuse to bend.
So take out your tears,
and show me your fears.
Together you and me,
We got the whole world to see.
So don't bring your end,
What about all your friends?
Without you,
What would we do?
So stay.
I'd rather hear your melody,
than remember your legacy.
Take out your tears
to cry today
Show me your fears
I'll help you chase them away.

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