The Wolf and The Angel of Night

March 7, 2013
The Wolf hunts for his beloved,
Day in and day out,
The wolf hunts for her…
Longs for her warm touch…

As the days went by,
The Wolf hunted for the Angel of Night
For many moons…
Until one day,
He found her.

As The Wolf gazed upon the Angel of Night,
The Wolf fell to his knees,
Howling till he could howl no more…

The Angel of Night was The Wolf’s soul,
His reason to awaken from his slumber every morning,
His reason to breathe the soothing air,
And his reason to live…

The Wolf and The Angel of Night were true lovers,
Two beings from completely different worlds,
And their love eternal.
When The Wolf and The Angel of Night admitted
That they loved each other,
It brought joy to their hearts,
For the first time in many moons.
And for the first time in The Wolf’s life,
He found his true love…

This is the story of The Wolf and The Angel of Night,
The story of two young lovers…

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