March 7, 2013
Father you said you would be there for me.
Father you told me that I was the only one.
Father you said that you backed away slowly but really you left in a hurry.
Father how could you.
Father did you know that I wished you would come back to me and my mom on every shooting star and birthday candle I had.
Father you left me for what?
A woman with two kids of her own.
Does she know about your two kids with two different woman?
Does she know about me?
Father are you happier with her than you were with my mom.
Father you lied to me.
Father you said I was the only one am I?I
Now you have two more kids and you never see me.
Father do you feel like a man?
Father do you feel like a bigger man?
Father are you even a man leaving me behind and never looking back?

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