My Old Heart

March 1, 2013
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Where is my heart?

I couldn't seem to find the pieces

Once it was torn apart

Why did she leave me?

We were perfect with each other

It seemed that we were forever meant to be

What is wrong with me?

And what's so good about this new guy?

Him being a b******* towards her is all i ever see

Though, i look at this man she is now with

And he is a lot more attractive than i am

Then it hits me out of nowhere, BAM!

Even when she was with me

She all the time looked at other guys

With those always wandering eyes

And that was when i realized

I was just a rebound

After her previous lover broke her heart

Me she found

Like her damaged heart i would somehow mend

But then she finds a new hottie

And leaves me with myself to fend

Where is my heart?

She has it

All the pieces

Every little bit

But her i must forget

In order for a new heart to be born

And to my true love

Whoever it shall be, i can forever be sworn

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