State of Happyness

March 6, 2013
When the first light of another day breaks
You make a list for change
To replace an old you, to be forgotten
Everything intertwined with your fate
Different touches and sounds
When things threaten to pull you down, carry those dark regrets, to bury them, underground
Colors come alive at a silent command
Walking in the center of the earth, there are things to be discovered
Ideas to be thought of and childhood memories to always be recognized
Though you are starting over, don't forget who you are
Smiling with no twinge of guilt, to fly into the sweetness with no sign of bitterness
Seeing what you haven't before, doing what you do best
To live in the dreams, you had thought of hundred years ago
To come alive and live, then the time of death
To die with acceptance of it, your eyes seeing the last streak of sunlight
Expectantly waiting to have your soul released
Dieing in the state of happyness

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