March 1, 2013
“It’s not so simple to love someone,
Who just doesn’t love you back,
But it’s said,
That in order to love;
You have to love, a love
That’ll just tear you apart,
Along with
Breaking your heart.”
“And, I truly don’t understand
Why that is--
But, I guess that’s just the way
Humans are…”

I can hear the angel’s crying,
Cause’ every time you speak
They fear the fear of you lying.
See, you scared away my angel--
Oh, how empty life is now without
My umber--
The shadows you left me in
They’re breaking down my wonders.
Now I can’t stop, but wonder,
What made you,
So utterly cold hearted?
I feel like my chest will explode,
But my heart will still pump.
Dismantled it’ll stay with a, “thump, thump”
“Stop and listen,
Carefully you’ll hear the rhythm,
Those echoes that skip then repeat”.
In silence, just a heartbeat,
I’ll wait for them to come, in the light
There they’ll be to wake me
From this horrible dream,
This dream, which breaks me.
“No, this nightmare that rapes me”.
Those clefts that have injured my heart,
Have never even scraped me.
If you can’t take me,
At least say you’d forgave me,
Pray with me.
He’ll open the doors, he’ll save me--
These lies you’ve laid upon me--
Quit faking, It’s driving me crazy.
“Oh hey look,
Its daddy’s little baby,
Go ahead Otto, say “hello”,
He’ll accept you,

-Jerry Najera

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scary234 said...
May 14, 2013 at 12:36 pm
i completely know how u feel to be unecepted...
JNajeraO1205 replied...
May 16, 2013 at 4:52 am
Its a beautiful thing to share what you feel inside.
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