Dream to Forgive

March 1, 2013
By Koralinya GOLD, Antimony, Utah
Koralinya GOLD, Antimony, Utah
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"if you can dream it, you can do it" Walt Disney

I close my eyes,
And wait for sleep,
Hoping something will be
Revealed to me.

In this bed of mine,
I slowly drift off,
Not realizing when
My conscious slept.

The grass is green,
The sky bright blue,
The trees have leaves
Of every color.

To my right,
There stands a man,
He's not familiar,
Yet at the same time, is.

A man I knew,
And once did hate,
Now a companion
In this dream.

He's waiting for me,
To start to talk,
But I'm not sure,
That I can.

He breathes a sigh,
Then begins to speak.
Tears run down my face
As I hear the things he says.

He tells me that he's sorry,
And how wrong he was
To deny me the childhood
I deserved.

I crumple to the pretty grass,
And tears fell like rain,
I was wrapped in his embrace,
But I could only cry.
“Why?” I ask.
“Why are you sorry now?
What caused you to turn around,
And see the damage you caused?”

To that,
He had no answer to speak,
But the sad eyes,
Begged forgiveness of me.

I dared to pull away,
And looked over the grass,
Now stained dark,
With pain and hunger.

I looked inside
My torn up heart,
And felt the pieces,
Start to mend.

I turned back to him,
And slowly smiled.
The words easily
Slipped from my mouth.

“I may have hated you,
But now that's gone.
I still can't trust you,
But at least I'll love you.

“You are forgiven,
That much I give.”

The grass around me shimmered,
Then it's natural color,
Came back,
Ever brighter.

I opened my eyes,
To my own room.
Glad to have received
This dream, knowing,
That it would eventually be.

A smile,
Then a tear,
As the dream,
Becomes reality.

The author's comments:
This is just a poem about the dreams that I've had about my birth-father. I've had a few dreams about him, and they influenced this poem during one of my classes.

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