End of the World

March 1, 2013
The world began when a girl walked with class in her blood and perfection in her mind.
No man could take away her innocence but she never felt it pumping through her veins.
So she walked with cold feet on the burning roads of hell,
That twisted he tongue and mumbled her words.
The devil and demons conjured up another little reputation that weighed her down,
More than the medication that was regulated in her system.
They deal insults like cards but she took them like the candy in an orange case,
And inhaled the healing poison through a needle stabbed into her skin.
She let the scars and bruises guide her though life.
But even if life was just a dream to others for her,
She kept on breathing in deeper.
Leaves fell and so did her hope,
Day by day she showed unhealthy signs,
The monster began to make her paralyzed.
So she let the monster take over
It fed her death in silver spoon that was heated in the mouth of dirty lips.
She fell into a coma of dreamless pleasure that had no way of coming true.
By this time everyone thought they knew the name of the monster she was hiding behind.
But no one knew it had a grip on her,
That it ripped ever hair off her scalp,
That it crept up slow then attacked her soul which was the only thing keeping her alive.
The world was dying slowly,
Her eyes were heavy with the weight of tainted prophesies,
And her body was falling in love with gravity.
Years past and everyone she called family turned the heads nearly breaking their necks,
Because of what they saw and not what they felt.
They make her suffocate in her own breath.
After fifteen years of her life all she wanted to do was sleep.
She wanted nothing to do with the world that only wanted her out.
But finally she was nothing but air that haunted them in a box.
She was the karma to the pain they felt as they stared at the ground,
Wishing their unspoken apologies were enough to make her breath again.
They gathered around the treasure they would never see again,
Their hearts broke from the guilt shoved down their throats.
The sun was waving good bye the day the world ended.
It warmed up the hearts that could now feel how cold they were.
The world ended when her heart stopped.
The world ended when her first love threw away his pride for the love that was in his tears.
The world ended when her body showed the results of an encounter with a monster.
The world ended when she lost the war with cancer.

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