March 9, 2013
By DarknessAndPain GOLD, Corbin, Kentucky
DarknessAndPain GOLD, Corbin, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
If only I could vanish in Darkness, and thick Darkness wouldst cover my face!

-Author Unknown

He, who be with out Balance,
Please step forth.

For Balance is the Power of Nature.
Please step forth.

For without Balance, Hope is not.
Please step forth.

For Balance is Love.
Please step forth.

Love is Trust.
Please step forth.

Trust is Justice.
Please step forth.

Justice is Honour.
Please step forth.

And Honour is Hope.
Step forth, and be recorded.

Be recorded in the annals Humanity.

Yea, but who woulds wish that?
To be recorded as a Lie?

As all things Humanity records,
It would be a Lie.

For Humanity LIES.
Humans are not to be trusted.

Balance is needed.
We have no Balance.

Yea, even I am not with Balance;
So, be not ashamed.

He, who be with out Balance,
Please step forth.

The author's comments:
Balance... Do we have it? No. Humanity is with out Balance, Trust, Hope, Honour, Justice, we are just LIARS!


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