Hope In Darkness

March 9, 2013
As the Darkness Surrounds me,
And the Pain sinks in,
I realize the Rage I have caused,
And a Sadistic smile is on my face.

I Kiss the Pain,
And swallow the Blood,
I laugh in my insanity,
And my Soul, is no more.

For It has been sold to Darkness,
And I am no more,
For I am the Darkness,
And the Darkness is me.

So I laugh at my Life,
In this soft, white room,
I claw at my eyes,
And my Hatred is gone.

My Resting Day,
The Day of my Death.
I always dreamed of this Day,
And yet, I do not smile.

I cry. My Soul cries.
I cry so much,
The Fires of Hell go out.
They go out.

My tears, so bitter...
I know not what to do...
Suddenly, I awake,
And a smile crosses my face.

I realize, the Truth,
The Hope, that I have.
That no matter how Dark,
My Life has Light.

But I shine brightest in the Dark.
And I shall shun the Day.
The Moon is my Lady.
The Sun, my Bane.

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