Wind Sand Sky

March 9, 2013
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Shells washed ashore by the tide
Wind chases sand over the beach, urging, tugging
At clothes , at hair
The grass whispers as the moon is swallowed by the sea
To make a frame in which you smile
A voice can be heard from near or far
You aren’t sure but it’s
Chanting ancient prayers
A voice unknown to you and yet
You want to listen as the sky heralds the dawn

And the indigo of the night, deeper than any abyss
Leaves with the stars in its wake
‘Come with me’ she says, no louder than a whisper
And she takes you by the hand and leads you
As you start to dance

You feel alive, breathing in, out, in and back again
And then she lets go of you
And turns
‘where are you going?’ you want to ask but
The question is answered before
You make a sound
‘Home’, she says, smiling.

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