it hurts too much

March 8, 2013
loving someone isn't always easy they will push you away and tell you they love you they will talk s*** about you and tell you that your cute and that you make me so happy they will tell you they love you and care about you but never want to see you ever again and want you to stop talking to them ever again they will say their over you but cry when they think about what he had but lost what he had but broke he will never once think about how he make you feel how he made you want to cut yourself cause life hurt to much he will just think about himself and you see him and you think wow he really has moved on and that kinda hurts cause you really loved this one you hold your head up high unaware of that fact that he cry every night knowing he had you and let you go he will never forget what you both had he will never tell you but he is always watching he sees you smiling theirs a cute guy who treats you right in your life and it kills him knowing you found love and he lost-ed it you get asked to a dance by that cute guy the ex sees you at the dance your SO happy he is so sad he walked out and cuts his wrist you saw him walk out and all your feelings for him came back you run after only to find him siting there he hides his bloody hands doesn't want you too know you look in his eyes and say i still love you and tear up he looks into your eyes and says Ive always loved you he hughes you and you kiss you see the blood dripping down his hands you say done gIve up on love he falls you go with his to the hospital he tells you that he was wrong and is sorry for ever think she says no i am i should i chanced you when you told me to leave but we are together now and that's all that matters

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