Damn Sad Poets.

March 8, 2013
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Damn sad poets, I wonder,
do they only see the world that way?
That depression rules,
happiness is forbidden,
nothing nice to say?
The world is a collection of mistakes,
break- ups and people who have passed,

Are they hoarders of painful memories?
Have they ever heard of letting go?

Moving on after break ups,
Accepting that someone has passed,
letting go of painful memories?
Accepting an apology and
forgiving is the only remedy
To be happy.

Life is intended to be happy,
have you ever seen it that way?
Or is life black and white,
something satan built with clay?

Life is a gift,
love is to be treasured,
They see it as a song,
sharp notes in each measure.

So what happened to waking up and just appreciating the sun?
Excited that a new day has just begun?
Thankful that you are alive,
if you are reading this right now,
Thankful that you have sight to read,
Able to comprehend this now,
Thankful that your brain still works in ways it doesn't for others,
That you have people in your life you consider your brothers.

People don't realize,
Unfortunate people celebrate the water they have some days,
When they get sick, they look forward to a better day.
They starve, hungry but not restless,
To them, happiness is endless.

Of course they mourn the ones who die,
Their life expectancy is short,
They will cry, cry and cry some more,
Remember they can't live forever that way,
Death is closer than they thought before.

They learned that 40 years isn't long enough to sit and mourn,
But to wake up and appreciate
That you woke up this morn.

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sarah98 said...
May 25, 2013 at 2:47 pm
this is incedibly true. I believe that sad poetry has a place (i write alot of it myself) but there's also alot of amazing, happy things to write about. 
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