So Sick

March 8, 2013
You know what,
I'm so sick,
so sick of letting what other people say get into mu mind,
so I'm choosing now,
in this very moment,
to let go of all those things others have said,
and start anew,
and clean,
erasing the slat of wrongs done to me,
i am so sick of being negative all the time,
as I reflect on last year I realized,
I have been letting my physical weaknesses,
my physical problems,
my emotional turmoil,
get in the way of a positive attitude,
a positive mind set,
and chasing after my dreams and goals,
i am now,
in this very day,
not going to let these things bring me down,
and hold me back,
i am now walking away a new person,
a positive person,
a satisfied person,
and most importantly,
a determined person!
nothing will stand in the way of my reaching my goals,
achieving my dreams,
and being happy!

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