March 5, 2013
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Falling can be quite tiring after a while,
The never ending pits, darkness, splash.
A tear that cannot resist the hard wood floor.
Everybody expects, expects, expects.
What is different about me? I'm a poser,
A mess with a face, since the beginning.
The enemies were right.... No, stop it.
This negative self talk is causing more damage.
Helpless to speak of the negativity,
I splatter more hateful words left and right.
Every cold word is a piece of the truth puzzle.
This is me, everyone is starting to notice.
Only those who care most care to notice.
These are the people I don't want to notice.
Lupe Fiasco lies, the show goes on,
A lie. The show has stopped, for a quite a while.
The show has been canceled.

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