Insomnia Part 1: In a Place Called Home

March 4, 2013
There’s a village I call “Home”;

It’s a funny name, I know.

There’s a world where a family of wizards
Rule over the humans
Sometimes with fear and might of their magic
Sometimes with generosity and love

Depending on the weather, that is.

Sometimes wizards get greedy
Sometimes wizards get jealous
They fight, they bicker,

They are only human, after all.
Villages clash and in a scary duel,
They find one patriarch dead,
And the two villages find themselves with a new ruling family
With new rules and new lives

(In our case, this new one brought sheep)
And the old family are sent away to live in exile.

It sounds crazy, I know.
What a busy world that must be
But it’s really a peaceful place.
Everyone’s content now
And I don’t complain;
This is just the place I live in.

That’s all.

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