Boring Black Pit

March 4, 2013
Beguiling darkness
Hides what is seen.
The vivid creature,
just a dissimulation.

The person, bold
in your gaze
genuine or false.

There is an absence of me.
My mind feels barren.
Life is impassive to me.





Unable to see.
Enveloped in a cloak of my own being.
I've quarantined my life.

There is a vacancy of newness.

Get up: begin at dawn,
thought through the day,
Doze away.
Then repeat the same.


My life is a boring black pit.

Nothing interesting ever ever falls down.
Nothing exciting ever brightens the dark.
Nothing can make it less of a pit.

Be the judge of what you see.
Embrace your conception
whether it's valid or untrue.

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