little girl choices

March 4, 2013
i never planned on sticking around
and i must admit i’m ashamed
i rushed in to save you
from losing your own game

i could never stay up without you
cuz you play all day and never sleep
but what do you get out of winning
the trophies you never keep

maybe eventually you’ll grow up and become
the man everyone wants you to be
but you’re still playing those games,
and you’re still just a boy to me

so drink the poison
and bury the pain
as the days go by
everything will change
someday soon
you’ll be strong
little girl just keep on
singing your song
maybe one day they’ll hear your voice
and give you time to make a choice
whether or not you’ll stay young forever
or grow up and give in to never-ever
there’s something more you’ll see outside
mirrored by all that glows from inside
little girl, keep waiting
one day you’ll see
little girl, keep praying
for the woman you’ll be

you gotta let go of that little boy
because he’ll never be the man you need
he’s to young, he’s too sad
he’s too much a child to hear you plead
sometimes its hard to be the one to let go first
it feels like giving in
but i promise this is the way its gotta be
if you’re not gonna let him win

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