If You Really Knew Me

March 7, 2013
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On the inside something’s are a jumbled mixed up messy emotional
epitome of confusion
I like to think of it as being an
emotional teenage girl
The heart of mine gives and gives
The brain of mine never stops thinking
questioning and wondering
I seem to always be searching for answers trying to not
to forget that I need to enjoy life as it comes
I have a happiness about myself that makes me feel confident
unstoppable sometimes I think it makes me different than others
I live for hugs kisses and feeling close to people in friendships
and relationships
I am a nurturing person by heart
as I wear it on my sleeve
This is just what is truly inside of me

A personality as untamed as my curls on my head
Cheeks that match the blush color of my nail polish
Tan skin a swimmer for truth
Eyes that smile on their own as they glow green and blue
A smile that goes along with my never-ending giggling
A hopefulness and happiness that try to shine through
From the outside you could presume I am a spaz
…this is just me

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