City Lights

March 6, 2013
Cities fade, cities burn
The light goes out
the fallen turn
to dust or stone
which is worse?
kill them all
to quench the thirst
for power and greed
this is what we’ve become
trading our souls
for this knife and that gun
put your faith in one god
I’m sure he’ll part the sea
we’re tricked to believe
that everything is
exactly as it seems

don’t question it
this is what is true
there are no answers
as the questions
are things
we never knew
and when your city, your light
begins to fade to black
can you say that you tried
to fight for it back
let’s not lie to ourselves
was there anything to be done?
is it possible to find light
from that of a dying sun?
I like to think so
I think it true

My city’s dead now
It’s gone, burnt to the ground
ashes and bones
are all to be found
and now I, the heart of my city
lay six feet below
I made these mistakes
In hopes to let you know
there’s still time for you
let the light flow
hold your city close
and don’t you ever let it go

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