Kindness Is The Answer, Not Breaking Hearts

March 6, 2013
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Bring me the sunset in a cup,
for I am too subtle, just apathetic.
Laying in a meadow, surrounded by black,
darkness surrounds me, thousand sheets of gray.
Trying to bring joy out in me, nothing comes out,
why try? I'm unique, kind, and everything nice,
People discriminate, don't know why?
Trying to please everyone, things I can do, I have a talent, can't put it in words.
You bring me down, blood and dark, can't understand why I'm the victim.
I work hard to make people proud, sometimes I think I try too hard.
I hate this feeling, I really do. So why can't you bring me
the sunset in a cup? My day should be brighter, not shades of gray.
Everything will be better. That one spark of sunset would
make my day. But bringing me down, it won't
make you the best person ever. Kindness is the answer, not breaking hearts.

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