the world we built to die in

March 6, 2013
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when i met you
my old earth fell away
i shrugged off its black cape
and, like a newborn’s first tentative blinks
i climbed through the crisscrossed chains that bound me
before you shattered each raw-rubbing link
to behold the sun that soaked through my gaping eyes
till they lit up as bright blue as the summer sky
which, sprinkled with white, friendly clouds, we admired
from the hood of your truck
where we laid, dreamt, desired

my swollen heart strained against seams of veins
and ached in my chest
in response to your every loving gaze, caressing hand
your every soothing murmur, every gently teasing jest

the sun dipped down to sleep, but we remained
to count the stars in my new earth
our world that we tamed
you did not meet me
you caught, rescued, released me
then, fingers entwined, we dove deep in our world
to escape, to hide
and as we stargazed, with a smile i whispered
remember when we died?

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