The Day I Tried Star Fruit

March 5, 2013
By twitte14 GOLD, University Park, Maryland
twitte14 GOLD, University Park, Maryland
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The day I tried star fruit was the day I watched you
I sat on a park bench with my legs crossed
Sunglasses covered my eyes so I could watch the passerby
You sat down across from me
You picked up a newspaper that was starting to blow away in the wind
You leafed through, probably just to give your hands something to do
Because your eyes were focused into space
It was apparent your mind was elsewhere
Deep rooted thoughts showed within the creases of your brow
I stifled my smile
You managed to look angelic even in your worrisome state
Biting down on your lip hard
I wanted to comfort you and give your hand a reassuring pat
But I remained sitting, watching your dark eyes
Now darting back in forth in a panicked search
Then a tall dark haired woman approached you, wearing a flowered sundress
She quickened her step when she saw you and tucked her hair behind her ear
You stood up to greet her with a boyish grin on your face
The previous look of worry completely erased

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