This is Who I Am

March 5, 2013
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I am an individual because I am unique.
I cross streets without looking & often speak without thinking.
I yell when I'm annoyed & eat a lot when I'm bored.
On summer nights I run outside &
Pretend to be chased by a monster on a horror movie.
I'm 5'0 with a 10' attitude when I'm crossed.
I don't like to be ignored.
I'm from a place where you'd think only whites should live;
I'm from Paris France, land of the romantic.
I believe in fairy tales & the after life.
I come off hard on the outside but am soft as a cotton ball
On the outside.
I wouldn't judge because I wouldn't want anyone to judge me.
I wish the world would take me as I am because I take it as it is everyday.
I value family, life, & God; the rest is extra.
I am an individual because I am unique.
My name is Cynthia Mbangue,
And this is who I am.

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