Better Together

March 4, 2013
In the summer
In your pool
Floating on the black inner tube
We listened to Jack Johnson
And tried to put Winston in the water.

In your basement
Playing soccer
With the tiny hockey nets
And boards blocking the open space
You put a Jack Johnson song on
And we beat Robert and his friend.

Eating pancakes
On stools at the kitchen counter
Still in our pajamas
You hummed a Jack Johnson song
And your mom smiled as she flipped another pancake.

Driving home
Your dad always liked to play music
He put on a Jack Johnson song
And you sang along
I smiled
Because you weren't embarrassed.

In the dining room
Sunlight spilled across our laps
Sitting in front of your computer
We took silly selfies
I laughed so hard.

Christmas songs
Played in June
On your piano
Duets by us.

I heard a Jack Johnson song on the radio
And I almost cried
Because I miss you.

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