Hopelessly Devoted

March 3, 2013
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My eyes are like dust now;
specks of the earth,
weeping and wailing for a savior.

I want
I need
I crave you.


But I shouldn't, and I can't.
Never again.

Never again will I let you steal my attention,
take my focus from my own life.

Never again will I care more about someone else's perception of me than my own.

Why do you do this? You break my heart into a million shattered pieces; just by being.

And in a few years I won't remember your name and this will become nothing more than a trivial, unimportant, silly story I'll tell my granddaughter one day but I'm still scared and I can't stop thinking.

But I'm done.

But I'm not.

But I should be.

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nocontrol said...
Mar. 14, 2013 at 11:18 am
Hmmmm... Is hopeless devotion nothing more than misplaced obsession? I think this poem captures the struggle between devotion to another and selfishness. Isn't devotion a form of selfishness? Don't we only devote ourselves to another for personal gain? I think you capture this with ideas like "a story for my grandaughter" and in the anger the speaker feels, presumably at not having her selfish needs satiated. Of course, as you explore, devotion is a need we can't necess... (more »)
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