Stranger Now and Forever

March 3, 2013
There is a stabbing pain in my back.
It’s hard to breathe and hard to see.
You were there when the knife was put in
The pain so powerful I just had to cry.

I fell to my knees in despair.
Who could have done this to me?
Who could have been so cruel?
And why me?

I turn around and it was you.
You held the knife in your hands.
Blood dripping and my heart pierced.
I was your friend.

Remember when you cried?
Remember when I never spoke and listened
Maybe you had to prove something.
Maybe, just maybe this was just you all along.

You always wanted to be an actress.
You played the part of a friend so well.
I hope you go far in life.
I just hope you will have someone there with you.

I lay here with everyone, but you.
When I see you again I will not hurt you.
I will not speak of hatred toward you.
But I will simply tell myself you are a stranger.

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