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March 3, 2013
By MarissaLove BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
MarissaLove BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
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You woke me up
Stroking a hair off my cheek
Early dawns light shining through
The scant cracks of the curtains
Connecting the dots on my back with your finger

Whenever I needed someone you were there
Like how a mother cradles her child
Baby you’re lovable
You’re my reason for waking up
I would carve your name
Into the trunk of every tree
To show how peacefully you comfort me

You warm my heart more than
Steamy chamomile tea
You laugh at me
When I’m not funny
Even when you’re gone
I hear your voice
And I cuddle up with your best shirt
I love it’s smell
And the way it’s just perfectly too big
Maybe you don’t like your smile
But I love the way your eyes brighten when you laugh
How your hair flips out just the slightest
My head fits right were your chest is
I can hear your heart beating
A slow lullaby to sleep by

I’ll make you your favorite meal
I’ll let you wrap your arms around my body
You gently kiss the top of my head
Looking up into your eyes
Feeling like I belong to you
I am and will always be yours

You give me a locket
Now I have a piece of your heart
Next to mine, perfectly in time
Just how it should be
Between you and me
The silver lining of our story

The author's comments:
this is partially something that ive felt before and partially what i want to happen

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