Desperation feelings

February 28, 2013
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How do you think it feels to be invisible?
Or maybe you’ve felt the same way, you’re not alone.
It feels like you’re a ghost walking among men
The fever of being lonely is building inside me
I really hope this is a faze or the road ends.
As much as I, deep inside, don’t like to say good byes
I thought about it more then a young man should
I’m shocked at the amount of people walking by
Where all I ask for is a simple “Hi”
And they just keep walking with out a reply
Stop bottling up all these feelings inside
And stop wanting to run away and hide
And come out of your shell, here ill do it with you
We’ll scream it out loud that were alive
And hope someone is actually listening
It feels like all I’m doing is blending into a crowd
Of course I’m talking to myself, who else can I trust?
I’ve been saying to myself for while “go make new friends”
But that’s a bust; I can never make the first move
And for that I will loose, if someone doesn’t come and help me now
I think ill fall down, but its a little worse then falling off a swing
If someone else could make the first move
Then I could choose weather to win or to loose.

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