My Successor

February 22, 2013
Moons ago my father fought, as will I now.
Continue our tribe’s traditions my young son.
Breathe the smell of human flesh and taste blood.
Command on the pyramids of sacrifice.
Don’t show any mercy, having a heart is crime.
Fight with anger in your soul, breathe human flesh,
Breathe the fear in their bodies, read their thoughts.
They are fearful for they fear us, our tribe.
Continue my strong workings, lead my tribe.
You being mighty and fearless, I will follow.
Soldier, do not fear death in your first battle.
Fear is something your enemies will smell.
Fear is what causes your men to question.
They question and you must answer, “No fear”.
Strike with the force of oxen and be strong.
Please our gods and bring victory to homes.
You are now chief for I must now retire.
With your men as witness, your strength came.
Now my chief lead me into my last battle.
For it shall be an honor fighting by your side.

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