Gorilla Warfare

February 28, 2013
By RonVa SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
RonVa SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Running to find the Convoy
Needing all of their supplies
Waiting to relive their life
Sparks fly, the ball disappears
Bowing paths of distruction
Red liquid pours from the wounds
Stopping redcoats in their path
Run and hide behind the tree


Reloading for just one more shot
As redcoats begin to fire
Bang, Bang, Bang as balls come near
Hitting trees all around our men
were reloaded and take aim
Sparks fly, the ball disappears
Our second volley is gone
Releiving more and more lives


Redcoats begin Reloading
But our guns are much faster
For the third time we take aim
Sparks fly, the ball disappears
the last one hits the ground
running to grab their supplies
Disappearing into the trees
Americans win yet again

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