The Darkest Inside

February 18, 2013
By alkaseltzer666 SILVER, Chelsea, Michigan
alkaseltzer666 SILVER, Chelsea, Michigan
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I tucked myself away
In each chamber of my tired heart
Thirsting for some solitude and
Looking for some time apart
But I all I found were dusty notes
Bleeding ink scrawled on each page
Every phrase spelled out your name
An empty memory, an unpaid wage
Gingerly I left it all
Crawling away from the melodic beat
Covered in blood I walked, so new
Just finding out my stable feet
But I fell as I escaped
Through an emptiness on your behalf
Caving in, I caught my footing
On the core you autographed
I dented my dirty hands
On the sharp turn of my fragile bones
And I climbed into my ribcage
Looking for abandoned homes
Enthralled in acrostic darkness
I saw a flicker of shining light
Color streaking through the blackness of
My insides and my night
It landed sweetly on my shoulder
And it kissed away my pain
A butterfly growing in
A place of me so plain
It peered at me and fluttered off
Its wings engulfed by dark
A scar resting on my skin where
The beauty made its mark
If it makes you less sad then
I’ll miss you when I leave
I may scar your skin with absence, but
May splendor thrive beneath your sleeves

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