February 18, 2013
Why must you tease me?
All those memories I tried to erase out of my mind.
All those secrets I’ve kept
My conscience discovering them every time.

Why must you chase me?
Chase me with your words?
Bother me with your actions that I’ve memorized;
A play I’ve seen too many times before.

You’ve just been haunting, haunting, haunting me.

You’re like a ghost.
A strange ghoul drifting through the lobes of my brain…
It’s like my mind can’t contain,
All those memories I’ve tried to pour down the drain.
Leave me alone; you’re driving me insane!

You just been haunting, haunting, haunting me.

Please go away.
I can’t take this for another day.
Another second, another minute.
I’m stuck in a maze,
And memories of you are chasing me within it.
Why are you haunting me?

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