Society's Corruption

February 22, 2013
By Giggles15 PLATINUM, Mexia, Texas
Giggles15 PLATINUM, Mexia, Texas
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"Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't let the Dead Bite" (Hollywood Undead) and "Ah, Gravity, thou' art a heartless b***h" (Sheldon says on big bang theory)

That growing feeling inside
The one that won't subside
All those tears cried
As the world around died
Those lies that are told
The souls that were sold
Begin to slowly fade away
Behind the veil they stay
These society induced illusions
That are nothing but delusions
Carried their many shams far
Capturing the minds like a star
Taken from all the broken
They have taken their token
Denied the riddles given
Doom they have driven
Through the world it will leak
Those lies that they speak
Every oblivious mind won't see
End is is close to be

The silent end of it all
This society shall fall
Fictitious things are seen
From the worshiped silver screen
Things that stay as a fling
That then turn into nothing
Gripping onto each thought
Greedy answers are sought
The scenes that shall collect
That leave an internal effect
Hatred will forever be found
Harvested like the cropped ground
Through it all nothing forgives
This world it all outlives
Interacting puppets they use
Ink on pages they always abuse
Thinking it'll become Utopia
The progressing cornucopia
Joyously ignoring the disruption
Just like society's corruption

The author's comments:
I am the kind of person that doesn't like how society has turned out

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on Mar. 13 2013 at 10:42 am
sadesdd DIAMOND, Elma, Iowa
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I'm glad you understand this. Society is corrupted and everything you say in this poem is true. Great word choice.


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