February 27, 2013
Hand holding hand,
Legs wraped up in legs,
Your lips on me,
Your eyes looking straight into mine,
This is my happy place...
When I'm in class and get sad,
This is the place I go,
Laying in bed,
My head on your chest,
Your fingers running through my hair,
Your voice in my head,
My fingers tracing every part of your skin,
And I want to tell the world that I love you,
It's so hard to tell them that I love you...
I'm not used to loving...
A year ago when I was getting hit,
This is where I went,
When people stared at my face,
This is where I went,
When I hear that song,
This is were I go,
When I feel home sick,
This is where I go,
People ask me why I have that far away look,
I smile and say I'm think of something,
THen the poeple that know me say,
Who is in this place?
And I say him,
Wanting to keep him a secret,
A secret only I know,
Like a secret hope,
That I wont be hurt again,
And even if only becuase I love him,
So who is him?
Him is my happy place, my secret,
Him is my hope to feel again...

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