Look At Yourself

February 27, 2013
What have I done to myself?
I fall to my darker emotions.
That hating and pitiful side.
Put the happiness behind.
Saying love is not for me.
Unknown trigger reason.
Overwhelming it can become.
Just wait it'll be better.
Try to smile please.
Look at the reflection.
Hold the screams back.
Know that others disagree.
Play those calming tunes.

Why can't I face the truth?
Yes I want to feel love.
Not this self hatred.
Talk it out if I must.
But I can't find a way.
Make these feelings dwindle.
Unable to take it anymore.
Hit the wall with anger.
I want wings to fly.
To leave this place.
Placed in a shrinking cage.
Set me free at last.
Fight the emotions uncontrolled.

Can I look at myself now?
Be ready to face the mirror.
It can show a broken shell.
Remember the pureness inside.
Damaged deep down.
Just breath and stay calm.
I can do this.
Forget the hate I have.
Never will I see red.
Take a moment to collect.
Collect up my composure.
Go out truly smiling at the world.
Yes you can and deserve love.

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