February 26, 2013
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On another planet,
Wind was a toxic gas,
Fire was the red Hell flame,
Water was the disastrous flood,
Earth was the dirt from graves;
Love was love
On any planets.

In another dimension,
Human torsos were empty shells,
Sensible minds were absurd ideas,
Broken smiles were worn-out masks,
Rotten souls were stray spirits;
Love was love
In any dimensions.

In another life,
Time was what we spent,
Knowledge was what we fed on,
Memory was what we earned,
Dreams were what we wore;
Love would be love
In the past, the present, the future.

If Physicists, Astronomers, Philosophers
Prove the presence of new elements,
Acknowledge the existence of ghosts,
Recognize the reincarnation of creatures;
Their ignorance would rather be taunted.
For the precious time they have lost to
Look for unnecessary ways of staying alive.
Yet only love is what we need to live life.

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