The Ocean and the Moon

February 15, 2013
By Malsters BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Malsters BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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I was the moon and you were the ocean
I’d twist you and pull you and yet
Somehow you’d stay
Calmly looking upon me with your deep blue eyes

You gave me depths I only imagined knowing
And I gave you a glow during
The dim of the night

We became comfortable in the company of our gravities
And created a dance
You’d rise, I’d fall
You’d fall, I’d rise

And I slowly began hating it because
You were the ocean and I was the moon

On the surface you were serene and others
held their breath with the wonder of what you held within
Underneath those blue eyes lied
Black trenches and churning currents

You were life and I was a void
Cold and barren, circling you for eternities
with nothingness breathing coldly on my shoulder
And yet somehow you felt like you could
never amount to the moon simply because
I was beyond the atmosphere.

But no matter the storms or the darkness
Everything would be okay
Because I was the moon and you were the ocean
One needed the other to be their true nature

Can the moon and the ocean go their separate ways?
A thought deemed crazy at first since this is what was only known
But in the end, I would just
Continue my routine – in orbital solitude
And tides would disturb you no longer.

“Only time will tell
This bitter farewell”

The author's comments:
I wrote this from a past relationship and the last part is a quote from our favorite band, Nightwish.

The concept behind it is simple, but hopefully I wrote it well enough to be considered something.

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