February 7, 2013
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I want to believe in a world
Where love exists
Hatred desists
And no one resists
The wonders of life
Or the darkness of the night
And that each one of us has the right
To believe in something far out of sight
Because it’s alright to wander
In a land of fantasy
Where the pain of reality
Gets lost at sea
And you can be whatever you want to be
A philosophy that society won’t accept
They suspect
That the wandering are lost in the land of the mad
And that it is bad to be sad
But what world can exist
Without beautiful sorrow and inevitable light
Or the ability to say “I am not alright”
Because it is alight to not be alright
To dream of other lands
And question man
To lust over darkness
And stray from light
And hide your secrets in plain sight
It’s alright to take flight into those lands
And discover a world greater than
But then fall back into reality
Despise the normality
And wallow in your insanity
Because humanity has been strapped into restraints
Where everyone is either normal or insane
But what if insanity
Became the normality
Who would we determine as insane?

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