Scars Not Forgotten.

February 6, 2013
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Staring into the hollow pits,
I can’t seem to find your soul.
I can’t help but listen to you.
You ignore my words.
I plead, and beg,
Stop! Stop!
But I forgive you.
I love you.
You’re kiss burns against me.
It hits me more than your fist.
To tell someone would hurt you—ruin you.
I can’t do that.
You say you love me to?
You try your hardest to prove it.
I’m yours, you say. No one else can have me.
Your words burn more then the sun on my face,
Stings harder than the slap after slap,
But you didn’t mean it.
I’m yours, after all.
And you’re mine, right?
What’s a burst of anger against a lifetime of love?
The punches hurt,
The kicks leave me with a sick feeling.
I can’t help but cry and sob.
You rock me,
Say you’re sorry.
And I believe you.
“I’m yours,” you say, “I need to know and never forget.”
“Life’s rough,” you whisper, cradling my head.
I cover up,
It’ll be okay.
My friends weren’t worth it.
I need you.
You understand me.
We belong together? Forever and ever.
The memories of you are here to stay.
You said you’re sorry—it won’t happen again.
The bruise heal,
The words forgiven,
But the scars are not forgotten.

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